In reading and language arts, we use Letterland, a child friendly phonics programme from U.K.

Letterland transforms plain black letters into child - friendly pictograms
and characters that live in a wonderful imaginary place called Letterland. Multisensory learning is activated when Letterland uses music, songs, actions, art craft, movements, games, role-play, rhyme and social interaction - all linked directly to letter and phonemic knowledge.
Furthermore, we use Collin's Focus on Literacy from United Kingdom. Focus on Literacy Big Books provides a strong foundation for literacy lessons and is used from Nursery through to Kindergarten One.
The big size of the books allows easy shared-reading as every child can see the text as it is being read aloud. It provides quality texts from top authors, beautiful illustrations and differentiated activities that keep children enthusiastic, enhance children's literary experience and set a high standard for the English language from the early years.

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