FasTracKids (Primary School Group)
Our Young FasTracKids Literary Critics talks about "Facts & Opinions" in the Literature Module.

Brandon Teh :
Opinions & facts are different. An opinion is something that you think or you feel is correct. A fact is something that is always the same. A fact is something that everyone knows.

Benjamin Ho :
Talking snakes & magic butterflies are fantasies. Animals can't talk like humans but they can communicate in their own animal language.

Law Zhe Ming :
I like fantasy things more than facts. Fantasy is more interesting but facts are really boring. Facts can't change & is always the same. We can imagine more things with fantasy.

Brandon Teh :
I know Transformers the movie is fantasy but I think it can become real because in the future people can build robots that can move & think by themselves.

Woon Chun Sean :
I like fantasy stories more. Real stories are ok, but fantasy stories are more interesting. Fantasy stories have more imagination & the people in the stories do more fun things.

Chai Chuen Hooi :
Story tellers use both fantasy & facts when writing or telling stories. It makes the stories more interesting. If it was facts all the time it would be boring, but if it was fantasy all the time it wouldn't sound very believable.

Nicholas Gan :
I think football is the best game in the world. That is a fact & not an opinion!

Berwin Gan :
I think fantasy stories are better than reality ones. Actually more interesting not better. Writers can create different stories & create different worlds. Movies like Harry Potter & Narnia include fantasy & reality in their stories.

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