FasTracKids (Preschoolers)
PreSchoolers in FasTracKids class expressing their ideas and opinions on Astronomy.

"My constellation is of a dinosaur."
" If I am an astronaut, I would like to find out if there are any aliens in space."
"Space Adventure: "I will bring along water for drinking and a camera! A bicycle cannot be brought into space because it can only go on the road!"

6 years old Chong Wei Keat

"My constellation is a fish called shark."
"When there is no sun, it will be dark. If I am an astronaut, I will learn about meteors."
"My favorite planet is Pluto because it is very cold there."

7 years old Clement Chen

"Teacher Yan, when we jump, we always come down because of gravity. It's like a big magnet."
"If we go to space, we need to wear a space suit. Otherwise, we will be burnt by the sun."
"In space, there is no air. We have to bring air with us"

6 years old Annabelle Lim

"The stars that look like a pan is called "The Big Dipper".
"I would like to go to space teacher so I can see aliens.
"Teacher Yan, the moon is made out of stones."

5 years old Daryl Lim

"Teacher Yan, I want to bring a camera to space so I can take pictures."
"You have to wear sunglasses, otherwise you will burn your eyes and you will get blind."
"Teacher, in space you can fly."

5 years old Teh Ci En

"My constellation is of a horse."
"My favourite planet is the earth. I like it because it is our home."
"I have been on a flight to Singapore. I have also been on a helicopter before!"
"I will take a long an astronaut suit and water to drink. The space suit is needed for breathing."

5 years old Aidan Ho

"My constellation is of Mickey Mouse."
"My favorite planet is the earth. It is very special. We live there."
"Last week, we found out about gravity throwing up ball in the air!"
"We need a telephone in space to call in case of an emergency! I need a camera for taking pictures of aliens!"

5 years old Justin Ho

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