In Mandarin, we use Better Chinese from Beijing-USA. This programme is designed to motivate our children to speak and learn Mandarin through a fun Story-Centered approach. Using multimedia, songs, role-plays, arts & craft and games, the lessons are engaging and make learning Mandarin Chinese effective and enjoyable.

Lessons are conversational and situation based, preparing students for real life communication.

At play group (2-3 years old) and Nursery (3-4 years old),the focus is on oral development, listening and speaking skills. Vocabulary is build through daily interaction with the teachers, songs, language games, stories and activities.

Written work begins at Kindergarten One (5 years old) and extends to Kindergarten Two where children are prepared to do creative writing. Also at Kindergarten Two, the last year of preschool, the children will also be prepared for the method of testing and instructions typical of Malaysian Chinese Primary schools.
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