Bahasa Malaysia
Bahasa Malaysia is an integral part of Malaysia's national curriculum. Hence sufficient hours have been allocated to ensure a solid foundation in the language.
Computer Literacy
In Computer classes, our children discover the use of technology resources for problem solving and illustration of thoughts, ideas and stories. Children use Max Toolbox (kid's version of Microsoft Office) to learn Excel, PowerPoint and Word in a fun, exciting and child-friendly manner.
Children will learn how to utilise computer technology to perform projects related to Technology, Math, Language Arts, Science and Multi-Media. The children are also put in teams of two so that they may learn teamwork in the process.

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FasTracKids (USA)
FasTracKids is a revolutionary children's enrichment education system from USA and is currently in 40 countries worldwide. The FasTracKids' course challenges our children to think productively while simultaneously develop their speaking, communication and leadership skills.

In FasTracKids, our children will be exploring the unique and advance skills in 12 fields of study, ranging from Economics to Astronomy and Mathematics to Natural Sciences. The lessons are delivered using interactive touch-screen technology and children will have the chance to deliver video-taped reports.

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Music Appreciation
Music Appreciation classes allow our children to enjoy and appreciate a wide range of music and sounds. During the music appreciation session, children are encouraged to respond to the music creatively verbally, with rhythm, and bodily movements. Exploration of rhythms and beats, tempo and pitch and the use of a variety of musical instruments build a firm foundation in the technical aspects of music.
Drawing Class (GenioArt)
Genioart is an art program that trains children to achieve excellent drawing skills and express themselves creatively. The children learn drawing skills through a series of developmental stages including training in
fine motor skill, scribbling-squiggling-doodling, colour study, observation and expression of ideas into art.
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