RTM2 Visit to Summer Academy Kindergarten,April 30th 2008

RTM 2 show host for "Hello on 2" visited Summer Academy Kindergarten on April 30th 2008. They came to report about our innovative teaching methods and state-of the art curriculum and technology, and in support of our vision and mission to develop a wholesome child of the 21st century. They interviewed the principal, teachers and also students.

Four students selected for a brief interview. When asked the question, "What do you like about Summer Academy?"

The students reply were:

Heyzen Lai (5) said :

I like Summer Academy because there are many books in the library.

Tan Si Yee (5) said :

I like Summer Academy because I love the cooking class.

Daniel (31/2) said :

I like ......... because ... I like to see chipmunks and I like to play.

Bryan Cheong (6) said : 

I like ..... because I like the Chinese and English classes.

The teachers were asked "Why they chose to teach children as a profession?" and Why Summer Academy?"

Jessica said :
I like teaching here because the kids learn in a fun way. Kids like to play and move about and a way to interest them to learn is through games and not only to sit and listen. So we have arts and craft, games and we let the children lead the classes. And teachers have to be creative and solve problems because they have to think of ways to make the learning fun and interesting for the students.

Rosy Fernandez said :
I used to teach my younger siblings and realized that I really have a passion for teaching. I am actually working with the future leaders of tomorrow, future lawyers, doctors, scientists, writer... It's really fun to work with kids because they are very innocent, lovable, adorable...and naughty as well.. haha

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