ONE of the best things parents can give their children is an excellent attitude that will see them through the trials and tribulations of life.

If you want your child to be inquisitive, eager to learn, sociable and confident, it's time to make a plan.

It's not the answers which are important, it's the process of getting them," says director from the FasTracKids Enrichment Centre in Subang Jaya Julie Lee.

Ninety per cent of human brain development takes place during the early years of life, so it is critical to begin teaching children the passion for learning long before kindergarten. Children are in fact born to learn, but there is a short quantitative timeframe in a child's development when the majority of the brain's circuitry is "wired".

"The brain develops as a child explores through learning," says Lee.

Through creative teaching methods, the FasTracKids Core Enrichment Program covers 12 subject areas to inspire the knowledge base of three to 12 year olds. Children are taught astronomy, biology, literature, earth science, mathematics, communications, creativity, goals & life lessons and technology.

The FasTracKids classroom is delivered via high technology, CD Rom, projector an interactive touch-screen Smart Board. The curriculum is taught using an educational "zig-zagging" format where teachers strategically change subject matter every two to two-and-a-half minutes.

Children learn through hands - on experimentation, live report presentations (children mimicking newscasters) guided discussions and role - playing, all creating a highly interactive setting. Students give videotaped presentations that teach them to communicate in full sentences, think before speaking and increase their vocabulary.

" While the normal school curriculum is geared to an average child, the enrichment education offered by FasTracKids challenges children to use logical memory, apply what they have learnt and develop at their own pace ", explains Lee.

If you want your child to earn leadership skills, be confident, critical send them to FasTracKids which has 150 centers worldwide.

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