Summer Academy was founded in 2004 with the mission to deliver engaging, fun and high quality educational experience for children.

The founders of Summer Academy worked in the corporate world in the USA, the Netherlands and Malaysia for many years.

Their valuable experience in the international business environment allowed them to understand the fundamental skills, attitude and values required for success in the global environment of the 21st century.

Our Vision is, " To create a solid foundation to meet tomorrow's challenges with confidence, passion and integrity."

To achieve our mission, Summer Academy's teaching methodology, technology and curriculum are progressive and proven methods from around the world and allows our children access and exposure to our best heritage in arts, sciences and research in education.

Our Motto is : "Learning is Fun; It is Fun to Learn..."

We are very proud to see the growing confidence of our students, their ability to express themselves, their leadership qualities and the blossoming of their amazing personalities.

Summer Academy offers the following unique programmes for children:
Summer Academy Kindergarten (one-stop-education center)
FasTracKids Enrichment Program (from USA)
Mind Your English (English Literacy Program)
Mind Your Speech (Presentation and Communication Skills Program)
Little Dragon Mandarin (Chinese Literacy Program)
Summer Academy School Holiday Camps

"Invest in Your Child's Future, Join us Today! ."

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