Summer Library
Summer Library is an essential part of Summer Academy Kindergarten & Enrichment Center. It provides our teachers and students our most valuable resource - beautiful and meaningful childrens' books that expands our imagination, delight, entertain and build the knowledge and wisdom of our children. Our collection includes more than 1000 titles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. This is a borrowing library where our students are encouraged to borrow two books at a time.

Interactive SmartBoard
Our classrooms are equipped with the Interactive SmartBoard, an amazing technological innovation for the classroom. It is a great tool to energize presentations, motivate learners and stimulate the learning process. It's use of interactive multi-media also allows the teacher to be able to focus more on individual students. It is also the FasTracKids Learning Station.
It allows our students to be the teachers in front of the class as they interact with the board. The kids just love it!

Summer Cafe
Summer Caf´┐Ż is the central meeting point of our school, waiting room for parents and a relaxing place for meals and tea breaks. Our favourite activity here is birthday celebration and cake eating!

Computer Lab & Max ToolBox Microsoft Learning
Summer Academy is equipped with a computer lab with four intel computers, and a digital coloured printer for the students computer class projects. The educational software used is Max Toolbox and our kindergarten five and six year olds learn Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint in a Fun Way.

Click here to download the powerpoint presentation

Summer Academy classrooms are equipped with a stage in front of the class. This allows our students the exposure of being on stage in making presentations and expressing their ideas. They also go on stage when they lead the class in a lesson.

Kitchen Facilities
Our kitchen is equipped with two ovens, stove and a variety of cooking and baking tools for the usage of our unique Cookery Class in Summer Kindergarten.
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