1. Student - Facilitator Ratio
Spring, children turning 3 years old - (1 : 6)
Summer, children turning 4 years old (1 : 8)
Autumn, children turning 5 years old (1 : 10)
Winter, children turning 6 years old (1: 12)

2. Healthy Meals & Snacks
Our children's meals and snacks are carefully prepared to be well-balanced and healthy. We do not serve processed food such as sausages and nuggets. We also avoid serving food with high sugar and salt content i.e. Quality and fresh ingredients are used. A lot of vegetables are hidden in our sauces for pasta, porridge and soups. Please request a sample copy of our menu from our staff.

3. Ethical Values / Character
Ethical values are a core part of Summer Academy's education of Tomorrow's Leaders. These values include Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Empathy and Helpfulness and are imbedded within all relationships of peers, facilitators, staffs and parents in our school community. These ethical values are modelled by the facilitators and are taught to the children and reinforced on a daily basis.

4. Preparation for Chinese Primary School
Our students are prepared for entry into all primary schools including Chinese Primary Schools, Private schools, and International Schools.

Many of our students will be entering Chinese Primary School and therefore are introduced to the common features of the system from Kindergarten One and particularly in Kindergarten Two.

Examples of preparations for Chinese Primary School in Kindergarten Two includes:
  • Homework in terms of workbooks for various subjects, practice of written Chinese characters, comprehension exercises and rearranging words to make a sentence common for Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

  • Spelling for all languages

  • Copying from the board during class
5. Facilitator's Qualifications
Summer Academy has a stringent selection process for our staff and facilitator. The key criteria are love and passion in working with children, strong command of either the English or Mandarin language, openness to learn and grow professionally as an educator, pleasant and friendly personality that would attract young children, and creativity. Experience in working with children is also preferred.

In terms of paper credentials, most of our current facilitators have university qualifications.

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6. Parents Involvement
Parents are invited to attend an Orientation Day upon enrolment of their children at Summer Academy. This orientation serves as an introduction to the philosophy and methods applied at our school and a fun hands-on parenting workshop for parents on topics relevant in child development.

Summer Academy believes that children will benefit greatly when parents and teachers work together. Therefore, parent's involvement and volunteer is welcomed and encouraged. Please let us know if you are interested.
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