Kindergarten Students on Summer Kindergarten

"Mum, I don't think you should send me to another school next year. I love this school very much."

5 years old Tan Si Yee , Summer Kindergarten student

With his cute little school bag on his back, Ali says, "Mum, I am not going to school. I am not going to the kindergarten. I am going to work!"

Manengazy Ali (21/2), Summer Kindergarten student.

"I really love Summer Academy you know. It is really a FUN school."

6 years old Elysia Hew, Summer Kindergarten student

FasTracKids (Primary School Group)
Our Young FasTracKids Scientists in A Heated Argument about Gravity:-

Benjamin Ho :
When you drop two items that are of different weights, the heavier one will hit the ground first.

Ashwin Ho :
Yes, Benjamin is correct. The heavier item will hit first. Because it's heavier so it drops faster.

Law Zhe Ming :
No, that's not true! If you drop two things that are of different weights, both will still hit the ground at the same time. It only drops slower when it is something really light, like a feather because it can float.

Wesley Wong :
Ya, Zhe Ming is correct. If one thing is heavier than another, both will drop at the same speed because of gravity.

Rowena Chin :
I always say nice things to people. Even if I don't like the person I wouldn't say anything bad about that person.

Un Kai Wen :
The reason why all things drop at the same time is because gravity pull down on all things the same way. So all the things drop the same way with the same speed.

Chai Chuen Hooi :
That means the old man in the picture (Aristotle) is wrong. He said heavier things dropped faster that light ones Maybe he should have done some experiments before he came up with that theory.

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