KINDERGARTEN (One Stop Centre)
Our children live in an increasingly fast changing, global and technological society where new careers and knowledge are continually being created. It is with this long-term vision to prepare our children for the demands of this exciting world of boundless opportunities that our Educational Programme is formulated.

Summer Academy Kindergarten is excited to offer our preschoolers a challenging, dynamic and fun educational experience which develop skills and attitudes that will grow incrementally through our educational philosophy. Our kindergarten programme is designed to encourage students to question, discover, communicate, lead, create and explore.

Our skilled and talented faculty create a nurturing and friendly environment where children feel safe and loved. Children enrolled at Summer Academy develop confidence in themselves and their ability to learn, openness to experience new challenges, problem solving and analytical skills, social and communication skills and a love for learning.

Summer Academy provides a bilingual immersion environment where children are exposed to a rich and dynamic Mandarin and English language environment.

Our young children are tomorrow's leaders and Summer Academy Kindergarten is a wonderful place to build the foundation in assisting your child to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

"Quality kindergarten with international character that prepares our children to be leaders in a global environment."

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