• Children will Grow Up to pursue their Dreams when their Educational Foundation is Build from Love for Life, Love for Learning, Friendships, Ethical Values, Self-Knowledge and Self-Confidence.

  • Learning should be experienced as meaningful, positive, exciting and fun. Therefore, the learing environment that we provide (use of colour, music, furniture arrangements, mood, textures, displays etc.) are important.

  • Imagination is more important than knowledge and therefore each child should have the opportunity to explore, make mistakes, and experience the expression of their imaginations in as many ways as possible.
We Can Make The Difference
Features Benefits
Creativity & Imagination Encourage the imagination and creative potential of students so that they have creative attitudes, advanced experience in problem - solving skills, and exposure to a wide variety of tools & skills.
Interaction with Other Children (Peer Learning) Teamwork, leadership skills, personal development
Progressive Curriculum & Enrichment Programs Exposure to wide variety of new areas of learning
Technology Sustains students' interest, prepares for future exposure, focuses on students
Speaking Activities Self-Confidence, self-esteem, poise, vocabulary enhancement
Natural Learning Environment Reinforces self-confidence
Child-Centered Classroom Builds character and personality, encourage broad learning
Library Love for Books and Learning
Dynamic & Qualified Teachers Provide good role models for strong language and communication skills, integrity, passion and caringness.
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