Spring Class: 2 3 years (3 or turning 3 years old in the school year)
Summer Class: 3 - 4 years (4 or turning 4 years in the school year)
Autumn Class : 4 5 years (5 or turning 5 in the school year)
Winter Class : 5 6 years (6 or turning 6 in the school year)

School Hours:

Monday to Friday: Morning and Full Day Program

Morning Kindergarten: 8:30am 12:30pm

Full Day Program*: 8:30am 6:00pm*

* Our Full Day Program is an ideal place for children with full time professional working parents seeking a conducive, rich educational and loving environment for their children. It is also an ideal place for parents who do not want to leave their children home with maids, nannies or grandparents. The Full Day Program includes morning kindergarten and afternoon daycare, and afternoon language enrichment activities daily. Healthy and freshly cooked nutritional meals are served daily, with professional educators caring for the children and offering enrichment afternoon activities.

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